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The celebration for the LRE’s long term employees had to be cancelled in 2020 due to Covid19.
Therefore, LRE celebrated in 2021 not their 40th, 35th, 30th or 10th working anniversaries, but their 41st, 36th 31st and 11th anniversaries. Not everyone can say that.
President Jürgen Neumann thanked the employees for their long term service to LRE, which is not often seen in this day and age.
The long term employees are:

41 years: Birgit Lietzke and Rosemarie Neubauer
36 years: Stefanie Siebert and Eduard Sebald
31 years: Marion Delmonte, Margit Kristen, Gabriele Schurrer, Monika Scheibel, Yvonne Starek, Barbara Hecht, Ingrid Berndt and Brigitte Schmidt
11 years: Alfred Schmidt

Picture from left: Ingrid Berndt, Brigitte Schmidt, Marion Delmonte, Yvonne Starek, Stefanie Siebert, Birgit Lietzke, Rosemarie Neubauer and Gabriele Schurrer
Back row: Jürgen Neumann

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