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The annual celebration of the long term employees of LRE Medical took place this year in Nördlingen. Managing Director Jürgen Neumann warmly welcomed all long serving employees. In his opening speech, he acknowledged their many years of service to the company, emphasized their commitment and expressed his gratitude. Each employee received a gift, which was presented by Mr. Neumann with warm personal words. At the following dinner, the atmosphere was very cordial, with good conversations and a lot of fun.

Congratulations go to the following employees:

  • 40 years: Walter Rau und Sabine Randi
  • 35 years: Hans-Helmut Relovsky, Karin Schmitz and Ulrich Hartberger
  • 30 years: Jürgen Stempfle, Erika Gessler, Michael Neureiter, Roland Haunstetter and Marion Hacker
  • 25 years: Bettina Auernhammer, Markus Christ, Lydia Doley, Gerhard Kling, Claudia Strehle, Mihaela Maier, Stefan Müller, Christian Schiller and Jens Peter
  • 10 years: Thomas Konold, Andreas Stelzle, Stefan Limbacher, Achim Michel, Jürgen Russ, Thomas Roth, Axel Scholz and Robert Sproger
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