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Technical applications LRE Medical Munich Nördlingen

Detection and measuring devices.
Wherever. Whenever

We offer full flexibility – not only in development, production and product life cycle management, but also where the devices can be used. We are able to highly integrate complex instrumentation and technologies according to exact needs and field of application. Our devices can serve for single target, multiple analyte and high-end multiplexing assays and amongst others any of the following testing systems: chemistry, hematology, hemostasis, microbiology, immunology, and molecular diagnostics.

In particular today, molecular diagnostics is a game changer for clinical institutions of all sizes, providing more powerful tools for earlier and more accurate disease detection and giving laboratories a key role in the emerging field of personalized medicine.

Straight to the point.

Solutions for Point-of-Care/Use

The fast track to accurate results. Point-of-Care testing has become increasingly important in recent years as a patient-oriented or general close proximity testing method to generate rapid results. Especially in emergency medical care, where a quick diagnosis can be crucial, PoC has become indispensable.

Our PoC devices are effectively decentralizing diagnostics, allowing rapid results basically anywhere at any time. Thus, this quick and close testing for markers of interest dramatically improves access, outcome, and costs of the testing procedure since the delivery of samples into extern facilities becomes obsolete.

Especially in times like these, where the pandemic of SARS-Cov-2 has forced a change in thinking towards more flexible and faster diagnostic options. Thus, PoC diagnostic devices have contributed as an enormously important solution to hazard control – be it in airports, ports, train stations, hotels, cruise ships and other scenarios where immediate risk identification is required.

PoC devices can also be applied as in-vivo monitoring systems for hospitals and medical centres.

Analytical PoC

In addition, the employment of PoC devices plays an important role in
the food, beverage and chemical pharmaceutical industry for the onsite
monitoring of the quality of water/waste water and components therein.

Experts at LRE Medical manufacturing diagnostic instruments in Munich

Healthcare at home

Diagnostic devices for self-testing

With the miniaturization and increasingly optimized user friendly of diagnostic devices, self-testing home testing is becoming an increasingly important market. These devices aid to the general well-being of people around the world by making accurate results available immediately and therefore indicating whether subsequent medical treatment is necessary.

At LRE, we develop and produce devices for exactly these scenarios, providing easy-to-use and reliable instruments for self-monitoring of lifestyle-associated diseases like diabetes, therapy control and screening of general health condition.

Experts at LRE Medical developing diagnostic instruments in Munich

We make your science run swiftly

Diagnostic devices for laboratories

Each laboratory is a little different, but the requirements are very similar: there is strong need for fast test procedures that produce accurate, cost-effective results consistently and reliably.

LRE is specialized to serve these exact needs of small to midsized laboratories. The analyzers developed and manufactured for our customers offer innovative proven automation solutions that deliver increased productivity even with less staff.

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