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Technical expertise by LRE Medical Munich Nördlingen

the solutions of today and

A single diagnostic device consists of a multitude of components. However, the focal point is the technologies that are incorporated into the complete process to create chemistry, bio-chemistry or assay specific readable results. LRE has always been at the forefront of implementing the most advanced detection methods and making them safe, compliant to regulations and operatively user-friendly. The latter is the result of our human-centered design approach, where we combine software and hardware into an intuitively and practically to use device for optimal user experience.

Measurement technologies

The introduction of optical detection to diagnostic/analytic procedures into practice has been
a major advantage in the detection of health status, diseases, and the identification of ingredients
in non-medical environments. LRE has designed generations of optical systems.

The portfolio includes:

  • Optical Detection:
    From Reflectance, Absorption, Spectrophotometry, through Fluorescence,  Luminescence with single photon detection to Imaging
  • Eletrochemical detection:
    From electrochemical glucose biosensors  to electrochemical DNA biosensors
  • Separation technologies
  • Combined and other

The implementation of target specific reliable methods for single, multiple, multiplex testing is
amongst the core competencies at LRE.

From fluidics
to robotics to the result

Starting with loading of the disposable to the detection process and displaying / transmitting accurate results combines
several technologies, which we engineer and implement reliably and flawlessly.

They combine:

Liquid handling






Software and Connectivity

We realize software architectures and hardware solutions tailored to the requirements to provide
accuracy of measurement results and fulfilling usability criteria.
At LRE, we take care of connectivity to external services and information systems considering data protection and cyber security.

Thermal Management

In a diagnostic device, besides detection technology, thermal control is essential for the system performance and stability. In many projects we have realized the right balance between the individual components: maintaining instrument temperature while providing the heat / cooling conditions for the chemistry including fast thermal cycling for amplification of DNA targets


We are grateful and proud to work with some of the best companies in the world. For over 60 years they trust us to create
game changing innovation for them and to find the best solutions to their challenges.

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